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About Us

For more than 17 years, Stellar Services has provided Project and Program Management support, Enterprise Content Management solutions, Systems Integration services and IT Infrastructure support for its federal, state and local government clients, as well as for its commercial and not-for-profit clients.

We analyze, design, deploy and maintain solutions and technologies that enable our clients to acquire, transform, and utilize business information to manage their businesses successfully.

Since its establishment, Stellar Services has been continually growing and building upon its financial strength. Our team of seasoned executive management and highly educated and experienced IT professionals quickly established financial stability and robust business growth by developing effective solutions and delivering services for our varied and esteemed client base, the majority of which is comprised of state and local government agencies.

Talented Staff & Client Loyalty

An instrumental indicator of a company’s success is its ability to meet and exceed its clients’ expectations and requirements - time and time again. Many of Stellar’s clients have been working with us for over a decade, despite vigorous attempts by the bigger players in the market to entice them away.

Among other important factors, Stellar’s exceptional client retention rate is undoubtedly related to our exceptional personnel. As information technology consultants and integrators, it has been our firm’s consistent mission to focus on building knowledgeable, competent, and well-educated professional teams. Stellar Services knows that successfully meeting client requirements is achieved – in large part - through the experience, skill, work ethic, and cooperative spirit of the individuals assigned.

Steady Growth

When Stellar Services was founded in 1993, the business was comprised of a select group of system engineers holding administration roles in the construction project management industry. Strategic partnerships with Dell, Microsoft and Oracle helped us to assume increased responsibility across our clients’ projects. The firm later developed its OneView Executive Dashboard and Stellar Online Invoicing System (SOLIS) solutions.

While acquiring experience implementing program control solutions, Stellar identified a great need for automated document and contract management systems to act as core components for higher-level business intelligence systems. Following this natural progression, the business partnered with Open Text and developed a very strong Enterprise Content Management (ECM) practice. Stellar’s expertise in ECM, combined with comprehensive program management solutions, furthered its expansion into both the government and commercial sectors.

Stellar fully understands what needs to be considered when crafting technology solutions for our client base. We know that successful project planning and implementation is achieved by understanding the business implications of a client’s required solution and following a structured implementation approach and process for putting that solution into place.

Stellar Services is headquartered in New York City, and has offices in McLean, VA, Atlanta, GA and San Francisco, CA.